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Welcome to the Raycam Artist in Residence Blog!

Yau, my name is Bracken Hanuse Corlett I am an interdisciplinary artist hailing from the Wuikinuxv and Klahoose Nations. I am also the 2020 Artist in Residence at the Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre

I have been working in the arts for 20 years and got my start at the Firehall Arts Centre, which is just down the road from Raycam. A big part of my Art practice is based in collaboration and transference. I carry the belief that it is vital to share and pass on knowledge and gifts to those who want to learn.

Over the next year I will be delivering workshops in video capturing and editing, drawing, design and working with live-visuals and projection. I will also be bringing in some esteemed colleagues who will facilitate workshops including but not limited to Sound/DJing, Indigenous plant knowledge, animation and story-telling.

My interest in working with the community at Raycam is inspired by my passion for the community in East Van and the DTES and the history of Raycam as a site of resistance, specifically the Militant Mothers of Raymur who staged a sit-in and blockade against the railway to ensure a safe passageway for their children. After this successful action the community centre was built through the advocacy of these brave women. January 7th, 2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of their actions and I will work with the community to honour these mothers and their legacy.

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